Thursday, November 13, 2008

36.7% of eligible voters voted YES on Amend 2

I read a blog and someone stated that 60+% of Floridians hate gays.  This was my response.  

"Let's crunch some numbers.  The state of Florida has about 18,680,367 people living in it.  About 13,287,564 (71.1%) people are elgible to vote (meaning they are of age, not felons, etc.)  Out of the eligible voters, 11,247,634 (84.6%) are actually registered to vote.  Out of the people who are registered to vote, 8,440,206 (75%) actually voted.  Out of the people who actually voted, 7,889,593 (93.5%) voted on Amendment 2.  Out of the people who voted on Amendment 2: 4,885,009 (61.9%) voted yes.  Do the math:  Only 36.7% of the eligible voting population in Florida voted Yes on Amendment 2. 

So, NO!!!!; 60+% of Floridians do not hate homosexuals.  It's safe to assume that many of the people who voted YES did not understand the Amendment or voted because someone else told them to.  It's also safe to say that not all of the people that voted "yes" hate homosexuals.  I actually know some people that voted yes and I sincerely believe they voted yes out of fear."

 So as you can see, there is hope.  Voting only represents those who voted.  It does not represent the entire state.  Pass it on.


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