Saturday, November 15, 2008

No Gays for A Day

Forget the marches against Prop. 8's passage
This will hit people where it hurts

Joel Stein / LA Times
November 14, 2008

You wouldn't think gay people would need tips on staging a splashy
event from Mexican immigrants. Yet since they lost the right to marry
in California, gays appear to have no game plan, marching around West
Hollywood and Silver Lake with their old "No on 8" signs, which makes
about as much sense as holding a John McCain rally next month at John
McCain's house.

That's why I'm declaring Dec. 5 No Gays for a Day day. Patterned after
the 2006 Great American Boycott organized by Latino immigrants, on
that Friday, gays should stay home from work, school and do no
shopping, to prove how crucial they are to American society. No Gays
for a Day will demonstrate what it would be like if -- as so much of
the non-coastal U.S. seems to desire -- gays just disappeared. You may
not even know who all your daily gays are, so there's no predicting
the impact. It probably won't shut down the restaurant industry like
the immigrants did, but know this for certain: Dec. 5 will be a day
that fashion does not move forward.

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