Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who Was Really Behind Amendment 2?

Who funded Amendment 2?

Florida Family Action, INC. $1,059,639
Republican Party of Florida $300,000
Richard Devos $100,000
Florida Baptist Convention $68,000
Focus on the Family $56,000
Stand For Marriage, INC $12,582
WW Gay Mechanical Contractor, INC $10,000
Ray Berryman $10,000
Leadership for Florida's Future $10,000
First Orlando Foundation $10,000
National Marriage Org $10,000

Click here for a complete list of donors

Who Signed The Petition?

Know Thy Neighbor is in the business of making those who have supported discrimination by signing a ballot petition known. believes that citizens who sponsor an amendment to take people's rights should never be allowed to do so under the cover of darkness.

The names and addresses posted here were collected by as part of the citizens initiative petition process and have been verified by each individual Florida County Supervisor of Elections. They are part of the public record.

Click here to see who signed the petition.
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